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This beautiful flag that I am using as a logo is an Artwork by LYDIA PASCUAL. Copyright 2009. 

First, A LITTLE ADVISE: PLEASE, TRY TO READ THIS WEB ON A TABLET, as you will get a more satisfactory experience 

Dear reader —visitor, future visitor, neighbour, Eastender or Londoner, 


First of all I welcome you to this publication which, by the way, is a work in progress….

I love London and the East End and East London, and I am passionate aboutknowing them as much as I can, and to disseminate whatever I learn about them. 

As you will immediately see, after these lines, the guide has versions in many languages.

Of course, you know… London is a multicultural community, where many languages are spoken, and I would like to reach as many people as possible in their preferred language. 

I would love to have this guide of the LONDON’S EAST END (and EAST LONDON) “manually” and correctly translated  to as many languages as possible, and even adapted for speakers of those languages, for people of all nations, who live or visit or want to get to know about London.

For the time being, thou. a GOOGLE translation is the best I can offer, but…


Maybe you would like to help me, because you like the whole idea!.
Or, maybe, you know someone wishing to contribute.

Have a look, and let me know YOUR thoughts. 

All your contributions  are appreciated!. You can email me or contact me on the phone,  via call or text, WhatsApp or Telegram 



+44 (0] 7778 94 76 81


Thank you very much & Enjoy the reading…and especially London!

Jordi Briz 

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ምዉቕ ኣቀባብላ



Una calurosa Bienvenida




Un arcuelh calorós

An degemer kalonek

A warm welcome

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