How to explore the EAST END and further afield… 

Cycling and Walking


Area covered 


Screenshot of ALL TRAILS map. You are going to find more of this maps,enlarged, in each chapter  

VISIT LONDON’S EAST END can be seen as a walking and a cycling guide. Walking allows you to get more details, at a slower pace. But cycling makes it faster, especially when you are linking two distant destinations. Why not combining both of them?.

TOWER HAMLETS and the OLYMPIC PARK (NEWHAM) is completely covered by the TFL SANTANDER CYCLES NETWORK, as are the Southern areas of HACKNEY. and

In the OLYMPIC PARK section I mention a couple of places were  you are going to find a bicycles for hire.

In Central London LONDON BICYCLE (near WATERLOO STATION) offers  bikes  and tours to some DOCKLANDS areas of the EAST END.

Public Transport

I have tried to offer details of the buses and the other means of public transport, which will take you to (or from) each place directly, and from one district to another, but I advise you to check them out (as changes occur from time to time).

Carry a map with you, and you can be sure that Londoners will try to help you. Ask them when you have doubts about your direction. Chances are, thought , that the will come to you as soon you deploy your map, to offer some help!.

I still have some old style paper bus maps, which are no longer distributed. Ask me if you want any o them, but nowadays you can also use the TFL app or TFL website to check the bus routes and other info. Wifi is available and works perfectly in hotels, cafés, restaurants, shops…even in some public squares 

The TFL  SPIDER MAPS  that I include are very useful to know ALL the buses that pass through a given urban nucleus.



Going East Fast?

By the way, talking about tube diagrams (not maps), the person who came with such an idea was HARRY BECK, born in LEYTON

See you in London’s East End!