A longer distance tour on electrical bicycles (not that you need them, of course)

You will visiting 2 Boroughs, 1 Royal Borough and 1 City. And multiple districts, the names of which you will not remember…

London, North and South… of the Thames

Working class, industrial ones… and the playgrounds  of the World’s wealthiest 


You will see from very close range the Secret Intelligence Services HQ (a not a so secret place, by the way) not far away from where MARMITE was originally  made , and from where the first VAUXHALL car came out production

You will pass the famous sporting arena that hosted the first FA CUP FINAL and the first FOOTBALL international match… which is not a football stadium

You are right… what you will see is CRICKET GROUND

You will cycle along 3 great parks of London (2 of them Royal)…

All London Parks

And visit (yes, you can visit what used to be the  WORLD’S most famous POWER STATION (even you can “visit”one of the chimneys…

BATTERSEA POWER STATION is no longer in operation. Note that you will not be able to charge your bicycle’s battery.

Not this one!

Which is next to the WORLD’S most famous CATS & DOGS home

You will be admiring one of London’s  2 PAGODAS

Visit KEW GARDENS and you will see another Pagoda.

And one of the former Royal Palaces 

A Tudor one, used to stand on this site

And  you might be seeing the  dwelling of a very famous gay person, whose gayness caused his demise

OSCAR WILDE, living in TITE ST., CHELSEA, at the height of his fame. After arrest, proces, sentencing and prison, he ended up in the famous PÈRE LACHAISE CEMETERY. Hang on, talking about cemeteries, in London we have the “MAGNIFICENT SEVEN”!

After which you might bump into some elegantly and colourfully dressed pensioners who live in a huge retirement home

And when they end in hospital, understandable given their age, the  find themselves in the MARGARET THATCHER INFIRMARY

Those pensioners you have seen walking CHELSEA’s KING’S ROAD, were youngsters when this very same KING’S ROAD was the stumping ground of the rich and famous of SWINGING LONDON…

An Islamic sect…

Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain…



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